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Caribbean Development Bank

CDB Project Achievements


The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) is to provide a loan equivalent to USD 2.5 million to the Government of Montserrat to build a permanent power station in Montserrat.

This project will enable Montserrat Utilities Limited to provide an efficient, secure and reliable electricity service, and will facilitate increased activity in the productive sectors that would stimulate economic growth in the medium term.

CDB will also provide the Government of Montserrat with a grant equivalent to USD 364,170 for use in financing specified technical assistance components.  This includes development of an Environment, Health and Safety Management System, and undertaking a Cost of Service and tariff Study to provide Montserrat Utilities Limited with an efficient pricing mechanism and rate structure for all categories of customers in the electricity and water segments of the business.



The Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) is to receive a technical assistance (TA) grant of approximately US$1.6, million from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) to assist in developing a sub-regional energy efficiency strategy for its member states.

Sustainable energy is one of the thematic areas that has been identified as priority by the OECS Ministers of Environment and the TA project will also see the development of national energy efficiency strategies and associated action plans, as well as a legal framework for energy management in the sub-region within the context of the OECS Economic Union.

Provision has also been made for the development of a public education and awareness component on Energy Efficiency.


Belize Co-generation Energy Limited

The project will consist of the design, manufacture, supply, construction, installation and commissioning of a 32.5 megawatt electric (MWe) biomass co-generation power plant adjacent to BSI’s Tower Hill sugar factory in the Orange Walk district of Belize. A 15-year PPA between Belize Electricity Limited (BEL), the local power utility company, and Belcogen for the “take or pay” purchase of 13.5 MWe and a 25-year Energy and Steam Purchase Agreement between BSI and Belcogen for the purchase of 9 MWe of power, provide a guaranteed market for the output of the project. Bagasse from BSI’s sugar factory will constitute the primary fuel source for the operation of the co-generation power plant. The primary objective of the project is to utilise bagasse to produce power for supply to the national grid system, and power and processed steam for BSI’s sugar factory.

Impact Assessment Report

The impact assessment report is not available for viewing on line. Those who are interested please contact the CDB directly.

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