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Caribbean Countries Approach Sustainable Energy Practices Jointly

Chelauna Providence, project officer & consultant with the Caribbean Development Centre (CDC) in Barbados

Chelauna Providence, project officer & consultant with the Caribbean Development Centre (CDC) in Barbados

Caribbean countries which are taking steps to apply sustainable energy practices have started the year with a joint approach.

Six Commonwealth countries selected to actively participate in a two-day sustainable energy meet, gathered in Antigua & Barbuda this week, as efforts to address issues that deter the establishment of sustainable energy in the region continue.

Chelauna Providence, Project Officer & Consultant with the Caribbean Development Centre (CDC) in Barbados, said over the last year, the CDC has been actively introducing a policy advocacy body through the Caribbean Consultative Working Group of Policy Advocacy (CCWJ) which has prioritised sustainable energy as its focal point.

Providence told OBSERVER media, “We embarked on a mission to do what we call a strategic enquiry which would help us within each country to get an idea of what were some of the political considerations, what were some of the social dimensions of sustainable energy within the six countries”.

Technical expertise, she admitted, was not present in the CDC and so the group gathered some key players from across the region, knowledgeable about the practice of sustainable energy.

“Yesterday and today were really an opportunity for this working group to build its policy or its advocacy strategy around sustainable energy by getting information from the experts and deciding what was the best point of advocacy”, Providence explained.

St Lucia, Antigua & Barbuda, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada and St Vincent & the Grenadines were the six selected participatory countries.

According to Providence, “within each country, the group is going to do an assessment of what the sustainable energy situation is in their country and then collectively, the group is going to prepare a combined document on sustainable energy across the Caribbean and we are going to present that document to Caricom”.

She expects that as a result of the meet, the Commonwealth group would be able to present to the Caribbean Community some of the issues to be considered when energy policies are created as Caricom looks to influence legislation around energy regulation.

“We are also hoping to, at the national level, within the countries, raise awareness with governments and political stakeholders who influence policy within those countries”, Providence added.

The CDC project officer said, while they are looking for sustainable energy practices, countries in the region are all at different places and have all set different goals.

Representatives from other countries across the region also participated in the training.


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