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Caribbean biggest solar PV power project to be built in Jamaica



(OFweek) – The American company WRB Content Solar has entered into a solar PV power plant construction agreement with Jamaica local government and the Department of Neighborhood Development. Under the terms of the agreement, the company will build a 20MW of solar PV power project with a total investment of about $ 60 million and 98,000 pieces of PV panels will be installed.


The PV project which will be started in October 2014 and completed in September 2015 will create 30 to 60 jobs during one-year construction period. The operating period for WRB will be 20 years. Once completed, it can power up 20,000 households, equivalently saving 8.5 million gallons of imported fuel annually. About $170 million of foreign exchanges will be saved in 20 years.



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