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Camana Bay goes for the gold with green building


More than 100 workers and 180,000 man hours helped transform 18 Forum Lane from a blueprint to a reality.


“These guys are working on the window frames right now, they’re pre-fabricating the frames and caulking them into place,” explained Gary Gibbs, Executive Manager of DECCO Ltd.


Camana Bay’s newest building is also one of the Caribbean’s most energy efficient, on track to receive LEED gold status upon completion. LEED is a green building certification programme that recognises best-in-class building strategies and practices.


“It is extremely efficient from from an exterior envelope standpoint, the insulation on the roof, the glazing, very very energy efficient,” said Mr. Gibbs.


“The tenants will have a savings of roughly a minimum of 20% when the building opens due to the fact we have a large solar array, 100 kilowatt solar array, on the roof of the building,” added Sloane Rhulen, VP of Leasing at DART Realty.


Ms. Rhulen told Cayman 27 the building was built on spec, before a single square foot was even leased.


“We wad a feeling of ‘if you build it they will come’ in essence, and we haven’t been disappointed,” said Ms. Rhulen.


She says 26,000 square feet have been leased so far, including the entire 4th floor.


“The hope is that when the building is completed in January or February of 2015 we will have another 10 or 15 thousand sq ft committed,” said Ms. Rhulen.


The highest-rated LEED-certified building in Cayman is the Government Administration building, which has LEED silver status.



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