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BVI Local environmental group petitions government for clean renewable energy

Below is a petition posted online by Green VI, a non-profit group focused on environmental sustainability in the Virgin Islands. The petition outlines steps for the government to take to allow for the use and implementation of ‘clean’, renewable energy sources and technology.

We the undersigned know that the BVI is blessed with abundant sunshine and trade winds. Let us use these to produce our own clean energy so that we are less dependent on imported, expensive, polluting fossil fuels.

We request the BVI Government to:
– Immediately amend current legislation that restricts the use of renewable energy technologies
– Immediately exempt renewable energy technologies from import and customs duties
– Set targets for clean renewable energy for the BVI
– Permit and support grid tie renewable pilot projects
– Support educational and awareness programmes on sustainability
– Create an economically viable model for clean, renewable energy that includes targets, rebates, tax incentives, feed in tariffs and/ or net metering

The BVI is behind our sister islands that have embraced the concept of renewable energies.

Barbados boasts that 80% of their water is heated using solar water heaters, offers tax incentives and has reduced the burden of duty importing fossil fuels.

St Lucia aims to be powered by clean, renewable energy by 2012.

USVI aims to reduce fuel consumption by 60% in 15 years through conservation initiatives and the implementation of renewable energy.  Tax incentives, rebates and grid tie initiatives are driving progress towards this objective.

Amending current legislation that bans alternative energy sources and promoting clean, renewable energy in the BVI will:
– Provide sustainable, clean energy produced by the sun and wind
– Decrease expensive electricity bills
– Reduce power outages
– Reduce the risk of oil spills
– Reduce pollution
– Decrease our dependence on limited fossil fuels
– Prepare the BVI for the coming energy crisis
– Increase the BVI’s competitiveness as a leading sustainable tourism destination

The time has come to take the impacts of climate change seriously and as leaders of this beautiful territory, rise to the challenge to do the right thing and respond to the needs of the people of the British Virgin Islands.

The petition may be viewed and signed online at:


Source:BVI News, Alliance News Ltd.

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