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Breakfast Discussion Forum on: “Fuel Source: What is the Optimal Mix for Jamaica’s Economic Growth?”


Title:Discussion Forum on: “Fuel Source: What is the Optimal Mix for Jamaica’s Economic Growth?”




Start Time: 7:45 am


Date: 2013-10-29


End Time: 11:00 am


Description: As the debate continues to rage over the recent developments in the planned 360 Megawatt Project, the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ), in collaboration with the Jamaica Institute of Management (JIM) and the University of Technology (UTech) have joined efforts to find viable solutions for the country’s current energy crisis. On Tuesday, October 29, the three organisations will host the first in the “Series of Conversations about Energy: Finding Jamaica’s Optimal Energy Solutions for Growth” at the JAMAICA PEGASUS HOTEL (The Talk of The Town) from 7:45 am to 11:00 am


The Breakfast Series will span five discussion forums featuring notable presenters within the energy and academic fraternity. The first in the series of conversations will start on Tuesday October 29 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel at 7:45 am. The topic will be “Fuel Sources: What is the Optimal Mix for Jamaica’s Economic Growth?” The presenters will include Professor Stephen Morgan, Director of American Clean Energy Corporation and Mr. Fitzroy A. Vidal, Director, Ministry of Science, Energy and Mining.


The topics to be explored over the series include:


    Fuel Sources: What is the Optimal Mix for Jamaica’s Economic Growth?

    Financing Large Projects: How and Under What Conditions?

    Structure and Management of our Electricity System to Facilitate Multiple Players – Role of Regulator and Grid Operator

    Environmental and Economic Impact of Fuel Choices on Jamaica as a Small Island State.

    An Appraisal of Jamaica’s Transportation Sector: Does its Rate of Fuel Consumption Render it Unsustainable?


One of the major objectives at the PSOJ is to see significantly lower energy costs for the Jamaican populace, as such PSOJ has partnered with JIM and UTech to stage this Series of Conversations on the Optimal Energy Solutions for Jamaica. The high cost of electricity has been acknowledged as being one of the most important impediments to economic growth and job creation facing Jamaica today, and the country will not achieve international competitiveness without effectively addressing this challenge. We look forward to arriving at credible, creative solutions to Jamaica’s energy crisis that both the general public and the government could implement in the interim, while we await the construction of the 360 Megawatt Plant.


This Seminar is free of cost.  However, as space is limited, registration will be done on a “first come, first served” basis. We are requesting that interested persons confirm their attendance by completing this registration form and fax to 9275137 or email or as soon as possible.


If you have any queries, please contact Ms Cerene Davis, Ms Violet Vassell or Ms Angela Williams at the PSOJ secretariat, telephone numbers:  927-6238 extn 2004, 2044 or extn 2000.

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