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BL&P to submit wind farm plans to Town Planning

THE Barbados Light & Power Company Limited (BL&P) is expecting to submit its final report on the wind farm being proposed for Lamberts, St. Lucy, to the Town Planning Department this week.

According to Stephen Worme, Chief Marketing Officer with the BL&P, that detailed report, in addition to concerns raised before by residents, will address the issues which were raised at the town hall meeting held at the end of February.

He told the Barbados Advocate over the weekend, that while some of the concerns were not new, it was clear that the residents were not satisfied with some of the information the BL&P presented and as such, they conducted further research and analysis, which will be included in the final document.

“Once that is submitted, it will be up to the Chief Town Planner to determine whether he is going to approve the development or not, and if he does approve it, what conditions would Light & Power have to meet to be able to develop it,” he explained.

Worme said that they are hopeful a decision will be made soon, but noted that even after the decision is rendered, they would have to check to see what the impacts are, and determine if it makes sense to go ahead with the project, which has proposed the erection of 11 wind turbines, to help diversify the electric company’s energy mix.

“After the decision is made by the Town Planner, we would have to do further analysis and finalise all the agreements that are needed to go ahead with the project [but] until that decision is made, we cannot proceed any further,” he said.

At the town hall meeting held at the Phillipi Gospel Assembly, the BL&P’s senior planning engineer, Roger Blackman said that while there are other sites which could accommodate one or two wind turbines, Lamberts remained the best location for a wind farm to be safely sited.

If given the green light by the Town Planning Department, the project, which has been several years in the making, is expected to result in 11 turbines being constructed, which will service an estimated 9 275 homes, equating to a fuel saving of $6 million and account for 2.6 per cent of the current electricity production. The total cost is estimated to be in the region of $43 million.

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