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Blowing In The Right Direction – Clinton Foundation Applauds Jamaica And JPS For Renewable Energy Projects


Jamaica has received high praise from a member of the Clinton Foundation for its efforts to increase the use of renewable sources of energy, specifically solar and wind.


The Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) has also received commendation from Libby DeLucia, an analyst with the Clinton Climate Initiative, a project of the Clinton Foundation.


In addition to working with 40 of the world’s largest cities to reduce their greenhouse gas emission, the Clinton Climate Initiative is assisting partner cities to make energy-saving improvements to buildings, transit systems, lighting and waste management.


DeLucia, who was in the island in keeping with the Clinton Climate Initiative’s partnership with the Wigton Wind Farm, was very impressed with the strides being made locally to reduce the dependence on crude oil.


Following the launch of three variations of a hybrid solar mill by the JPS, DeLucia told The Sunday Gleaner that the JPS is showing significant leadership in the region by transitioning to this new utility model.


“They (the JPS) are not only seeking revenue from centralised power generation, which we know is primarily from dirty and very expensive diesel fuel.


“Now they are really entering into a new zone where they stand to benefit from distributing clean, more economical power generation, and frankly, this is a model that needs to be replicated all over the world,” said DeLucia.


“I come from the US (and) we need to be doing this there as well. I think that the government today was fantastic, showing great leadership.


“Sort of moving by example, which is not only important for that aspect of saving them money, but also for really kick-starting the market,” added DeLucia.


Partnering with 10 governments


The Clinton Foundation is partnering with 10 governments in the Caribbean to help them implement renewable energy projects.


In Jamaica, it is providing assistance to Wigton in the third phase of its expansion project which should be operational by 2015.


“The Clinton Foundation has expertise in contracting, finance, legal issues, as well as strong contacts in the industry to support them, as they seek to get the most optimal contracts for their projects to save Jamaicans money on their power, to continue their leadership in the region.


“We are very happy to see the political will here in Jamaica, and we see that as really a key source of progress,” declared DeLucia.


She said Jamaica stands to benefit from being a front runner in the use of renewable energy in the region.


“There are many technology power companies very interested in opportunities in the Caribbean, and the governments which are organised and ready to move will get to take advantage of that financing and the expertise waiting in the doorsteps of this region.


“We are waiting, we are sort of a facilitator, but large financing companies are always interested in the Caribbean.”


The Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) recently selected three preferred bidders to supply 78 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy to the national grid.


Two of the projects offer 58MW from wind, with the remaining 20MW to come from solar.  The OUR is to return to the market shortly for firm capacity renewable projects.



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