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Biogas Digester Hailed as Alternative Energy Model


Cooking up a storm, biogas style – available for demonstration purposes at Agri Ministry


Minister of Agriculture Dr. Leslie Ramsammy yesterday hailed the installation of a biogas digester in the compound of his Ministry as a small example of an alternative energy model which can serve to bring about a substantial reduction in the use of fossil fuels and the pollution of dangerous emissions.


The biogas digester, in the form of a low-cost tubular polythene plastic bag with related pipes and other attachments, was installed in the compound of the Ministry by the local office of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA).


Dr. Ramsammy made the comments during the launching of the collaborative project between his Ministry and IICA, an event which also coincided with the observance of World Environment Day (WED) yesterday.


The gathering at the launch included Minister within the Ministry of Agriculture, Ally Baksh, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture Mr George Jervis, local IICA representative Mr Wilmot Garnett; Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Energy Agency Dr. Mahender Sharma; other agricultural officers, farmers and interested members of the public.

During brief remarks to mark both the launch and the observance of WED, Dr Ramsammy said: “We at the Ministry of Agriculture believe that agricultural waste and domestic waste does not have to contribute to environmental pollution. We believe that agriculture and domestic waste does not have to continue silting up and clogging up our drains ; we believe that this waste can be converted to alternative energy sources.”


He said that the biogas digester as an alternative energy model served to show that the dependency on fossil fuel was not an imperative but only an option, an option which Guyanese can give up without any substantial disruption.


“This is not a small step that we are taking but a very important step ; a very meaningful way of observing World Environment Day,” he said.


The bio-gas digester which permits the production of methane gas will be used for demonstration purposes to interested visitors at the Ministry.


IICA’s representative Mr. Wilmot Garnett said that the facility showcased the continued collaboration between the Ministry of Agriculture and IICA.


He said: “Through our shared commitment towards a greener and more sustainable livelihood we have installed this biogas digester which demonstrates a practical and efficient way to harness, produce and use an alternative energy source at the farm level.”


He said: ”I encourage all present to view and appreciate the biogas process and develop policies that will lend support to interested farmers, so as to do our part to contribute positively towards a greener and sustainable livelihood.”


During a demonstration on the facility yesterday, IICA’s technician and field assistant, Mr Jermaine Joseph said that the biogas digester can be installed at a cost of about G$100,000 and can provide free methane gas for cooking for at least ten years once properly cared.


The IICA can assist with advice in the construction of low cost biogas digesters.


For further information, please contact Mr. Jermaine Joseph at IICA’s office at 18 Brickdam, Stabroek. Tel. #226-8835.
Written By Clifford Stanley



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