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Cuba ||Biogas Boosted in Holguin Province

The Cuban province of Holguin boasts of its 13 biogas plants

By Alexis Rojas Aguilera / /

Man can profit from wastes to produce clean power and reduce pollution. Photo -    The Cuban province of Holguin keeps on boosting the use of biogas as a renewable source of energy, and so far today there are 13 plants with anaerobic technology for the treatment of organic wastes aimed at producing biogas.

Engineer Alexander Leyva Valdespino, the boss of such a field in the Holguin branch of the Cuban Electricity Company, told the AIN news agency that other four units will soon be finished in this northeastern jurisdiction.

According to Leyva Valdespino they are planning to build some 19 facilities of this type this year, and added that they can even build 21, some of which are located in the agricultural area of Aguas Claras, in the municipality of Holguin.

Biogas in Holguin is given top priority as a renewable source of energy together with the hydraulics and wind farms; therefore, the training of technicians and farmers is a must which comes through courses as the one to be taught this week.

Investments in Holguin continue by way of reducing environment contamination at the time food production grows.

For his part Hector Lugo, the director of the Electricity Company in Holguin province, said they are studying the use of clean energy as in the municipality of Gibara, where they can exploit the favorable winds to build other wind farms, and the possible construction of other two small hydroelectric plants in other areas. Source / AIN /

Translated by Radio Angulo


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