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Bio Energy is critical for Agriculture Development- Dr. Ramsammy

Bio Energy is critical to the development of the country’s Agriculture Sector. This is according to Agriculture Minister Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, who during a recent forum outlined his plans for the sector over the next five years.

The Minister said agriculture currently contributes 25% of the GDP and 33% of Guyanese are employed in the sector.

“The use of bio technology and agriculture technology as an enabler the application of cutting edge technology is a major area for innovation in this vision for the agriculture sector” Dr. Ramsammy said.

The plan outlines areas such as human research development, marketing strategies and organizational structuring as priority in moving the agriculture sector forward. “Significant and long term investment in research and development is critical to building a sustainable agriculture and competitive value chain in Agriculture” the Agriculture Minister said.

Additional the Minister Ramsammy said, “Adding value to local farm produce by building strong linkages to food and beverage manufacturing or agro industry is a priority objective for agriculture in Guyana”. The Minister notes that there is a growing need for alternative energy fields and he believes that Guyana can be a meaningful player.

While acknowledging that agriculture remains a key sector IDB decision Chief of the Environment, Rural Development and Disaster Risk Management Hector Malarin stated that enhanced strategy and programmes are critical.

He also committed on behalf of the IDB, to continued collaboration with the government, towards the successful implementation of its programmes.

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