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Bahamian Susan Larson Joins Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation to Oversee Their Bahamas Operations In Building Sustainable Ocean Energy Systems in the Bahamas

Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation (OTE) is pleased to announce the appointment of Susan Larson as Senior Vice President and Executive Director of OTE’s Bahamas Operations. OTE Corporation is building the world’s largest seawater district cooling system (SDC) for the $3.4 billion Baha Mar Resort on Cable Beach, Nassau, and has a signed memorandum of understanding with Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) to move forward with two 5-10 MW renewable energy ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) plants.

OTE’s SDC system will supply Baha Mar with chilled water for all of its air-conditioning needs. The $100 million project is expected to save Baha Mar up to 90% in energy costs as well as eliminate the use of environmentally harmful refrigerants. Over the life of the contract the SDC system is expected to reduce Baha Mar’s energy consumption by an estimated 58,000 bbl. of oil per year, thereby producing for Baha Mar considerable savings in electricity costs.

The project with BEC signals the start of OTE Corporation’s globalization of OTEC. OTEC is a competitively priced renewable energy resource, and supports BEC’s increased focus on exploring various ways to integrate renewable energy systems in businesses and homes that reduce The Bahamas’ use and dependency on fossil fuel.

“My appointment is a tremendous honour and a great opportunity,” Mrs. Larson said. “OTE’s clean fossil-fuel free energy technology brings to The Bahamas another environmental first for our country in an impressive line of firsts. As we build out the SDC and OTEC projects at these large scales, we will, as a nation, move closer to eliminating our dependency on fossil fuel as well as providing opportunities for potable water and sustainable food production”.

“We are delighted to have Susan Larson as a valued member of the OTE executive team,” said Jeremy P. Feakins, OTE Corporation Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “As a Bahamian with a long-standing and steadfast commitment to the Bahamas and the environment, we are confident that Mrs. Larson will utilize her considerable talents to help OTE introduce its technology for the long-term betterment of Bahamians.“

Mrs. Larson joins OTE Corporation having just completed a role as project manager for a multi-million dollar development in the Exuma Cay. As one of the country’s most respected conservationists, Mrs. Larson was the former Deputy Director of the Bahamas National Trust (BNT). During her 25-year tenure there she was responsible for many aspects of management and operations, led the Trust’s institutional strategic planning processes, and crafted and implemented its first ever 5-year strategic plan. Mrs. Larson provided guidance and leadership to the BNT’s governing body and the Bahamas Government on policy development relative to: resource conservation, environmental impact assessments, sustainable development, ecotourism, and education.

Mrs. Larson is co-founder of the Ride for Hope, a registered Bahamian cancer charity. In 2010, she was awarded a Queen’s Honour (MBE) for her contributions to the environment and charitable philanthropy.

About Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC)

OTEC is a proven technology capable of producing clean, sustainable base-load power, without fossil fuel, from the natural temperature gradient of the ocean. Cold water from the ocean floor is used in tandem with warmer water in the upper layer of the sea to alternatively boil and condense a low boiling point working fluid, typically ammonia, at low temperatures and pressures. The resultant ammonia steam drives turbines, producing electricity. OTEC can also generate ancillary products, including potable water and sustainable food produce through aquaculture and mariculture.

For more information about OTEC technology, please visit:

About Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation

Based on its proprietary power plant designs, Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation offers a range of innovative products and services. The Company’s multidisciplinary team of experienced corporate executives, scientists and ocean engineers, together with strong strategic corporate alliances, enable it to provide solutions to address today’s toughest energy, resource and environmental problems.

For Additional Information:

Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation
James Greenberg, Director and Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, +1 717-299-1344

Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation in the Bahamas
Susan Larson, Senior Vice President and Executive Director, Office: 242-362-6252, Mobile: 242-424-7339

Note to Editors: A picture of Susan Larson is available.

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