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Bahamas’ PM Ingraham Proclaims Energy Awareness Week

WHEREAS, The Commonwealth of the Bahamas in concert with other CARlCOM Member States, endorses the principle of promoting energy efficiency awareness, and the proposition that the wise and efficient use of energy is a critical component of national growth and future sustainable development;

AND WHEREAS, energy awareness campaigns are being conducted throughout CARICOM Member States during the first week in November;

AND WHEREAS, in pursuit of its goal to achieve and maintain a high standard of living for all citizens, the Government of The Bahamas continues to work collaboratively with partners and stakeholders in industry, post- secondary training institutions, as well as in high volume energy users in the private, transportation and tourism sectors to raise awareness through education and training;

AND WHEREAS, acknowledging the Government’s proactive role in seeking out partners to ensure that energy efficiency and conservation is afforded prominence in national life; and further acknowledging and endorsing the important role of local builders in the design, construction and wise use of energy in homes as featured in the annual Builders Show;

AND WHEREAS, recognizing the critical role that energy policy plays in the achievement of sustainable development objectives and responsible use of energy, the Government appointed in 2008 a National Energy Policy Committee to advise on issues of sustainable energy awareness and usage;

AND WHEREAS, recognizing further the CARICOM initiative and the work undertaken by The Bahamas National Energy Policy Committee to raise awareness and educate persons on: the importance and careful use of sustainable energy in our modern lives; the resources used for making energy available in everyday use and of ways to avoid its wastage; as well as on current forms and future options for the provision and use of energy in the country;

AND WHEREAS, in observance of this year’s Energy Awareness Week, which is being held under the theme, “Public/Private Partnership in promoting Energy Efficiency”, a schedule of activities has been organized to highlight the work of the National Energy Policy Committee, as well as to promote energy efficiency awareness within the community;

NOW, THEREFORE, I Hubert A. Ingraham, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, do hereby proclaim the week, 4th-11th November, 2011 as “ENERGY AWARENESS WEEK”.


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