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Bahamas outlines plans to reduce reliance on fossil fuel

Biodiesel Oil-

Biodiesel Oil-

The Bahamas government Wednesday announced plans to introduce bio-fuels in order to reduce the country’s reliance on fossil fuel.

Minister of State for the Environment, Phenton Neymour told a news conference that the government has initiated a National Energy Policy designed to “reduce our reliance on fossil fuel, address energy security and energy efficiency”.

“Bahamas Waste has been approved for bio-diesel production from vegetable oil,” he said, noting that a management plan has already been drawn up to ensure that the facility is established as soon as possible.

“We are excited. The site has been prepared and we are waiting for final budget numbers so we can proceed,” said Francisco De Cardenas, general manager of Bahamas Waste.

Bahamas Waste says it will use the majority of the Bio-diesel produced at the plant, as fuel for their waste collection vehicles.

Neymour said that approval has been granted to other Bahamian companies to manufacture bio-diesel and ethanol.

“We have granted approvals to three companies like Bio-diesel Ltd., Bio-fuels Bahamas Ltd., and Harmony Bio-fuels in Grand Bahama. These approvals are subject to environmental assessments and also environmental management plans,” said Neymour.

He said one of the government’s initiatives is to raise national concern that global warming impacts climate change and that its consequences are unpredictable.

“It is critical the government and private sector address these energy issues of using renewable energy and clean energy. We must protect our environment from catastrophic climate change,” said Neymour..

A government statement said that The Bahamas is one of many countries experiencing the “greenhouse effect” due to years of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels being released into the air from car emissions and pollution.

Neymour said that easing the reliance on fossil fuels, bio-fuels will produce a cleaner, environmentally safe product that will serve the same purpose as the petroleum product.

“We can be an example to larger countries that rely heavily on fossil fuels. So they can continue with the initiatives to pursue renewable energy programs throughout the Bahamas and the world,” he added.

Source: CANANEWS, 6 AUGUST 2009

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