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ATL expanding commercial renewable energy options 🗺


Appliance Traders Limited (ATL) says it has been expanding its offerings of commercial renewable energy options via its Energy Solutions Division.


The firm has been at the helm of the renewable energy transition, overseeing massive solar photovoltaic (PV) systems for several commercial companies across the island. Top of the list are 100KW PV systems that have been installed at the BMW Headquarters and Louise Industrial Garage, with Tranquility Funeral Home and Lifespan Water’s treatment plant both set to be fully functional this month.


Mark Blair, ATL’s head of engineering, believes renewable energy has a massive role to play in the Jamaican economy as companies could potentially experience major reductions in energy costs, therefore slashing production costs and boosting profitability.


“Potentially companies can save up to $6 million a year by converting to renewable energy. With a 100KW PV system, average savings per month are approximately $500,000, based on consumption and need. With those numbers, we are expecting a major boost in the renewable energy sector, especially on the commercial end, as this can directly reduce the cost of production, which is currently one of the biggest expenses most companies contend with,” said Blair.

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