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Aruba welcomes TNO Caribbean Sustainable Research Institute

At the end of October the second Green Conference is scheduled to take place here on Aruba. The first conference held here last September brought green energy stalwart, former Vice President Al Gore to Aruba as keynote speaker.

This year’s conference promises to be another fantastic event with a line up of some of the world’s most renowned speakers on alternative energy. One very specta­cular event to take place during this Green Conference will be the inauguration of TNO Caribbean Sustainable Research Institute on Aruba.

With 5000 hours of wind and 2000 hours of sun Aruba has the great capacity to gene­rate sustainable energy. Aruba is already using 18% of wind power for our part of our energy needs and intends to double this within 5 years. TNO has chosen to come to Aruba and set up shop here because Aruba’s climate is simply unique. Our wind is constant and the sun’s heat is ideal. These fit perfectly for TNO’s objectives. What’s more, because Aruba is an island, you don’t have neighbors to take into consideration. This is an added advantage.

Aruba is the perfect “garden” in which to conduct sustainable energy research. Still another benefit for doing research on Aruba is our strategic position between the US and Latin America. These are strategic markets where many positive things are taking place in the realm of alternative energy. Hence, for TNO there is no better place than Aruba to establish their institute. It is also interesting to note that Arubans know the culture and customs of the countries in our region.

What exactly will the TNO Caribbean Sustainable Research Institute be doing on Aruba?

For one, they will not be working alone. They will be joined by a group of partners. TNO will begin offering Summer courses on a high academic level, and will be organizing seminars and conferences in Aruba. They will set up a center of education geared to students in the region offering technical education. Aruba will serve as a “living lab” where investigations will be conducted under ideal conditions which could be later exported to other markets.

They will also do testing and certifications here. This means that companies building apparatus for the energy market can have their products tested here quickly and efficiently to determine whether they comply with recognized standards. If these products qualify they can then be certified in Aruba. TNO is intent on doing investigation and consultancy in Aruba which would be much less expensive than at large consultancy offices. The “founding fathers” of this institution here in Aruba is the island of Aruba and TNO. Other partners are Hoge School Rotterdam, Hanze Hoge School, and a few American Universities.

For American Universities it would be much easier to work with Aruba than with the Netherlands. This is primarily because of the shorter distance between Aruba and the USA.

Another partner is ECN, which is another center of research on energy. Alongside of these partners there are other businesses that see business in this kind of development and opportunities on the local market as well as on the Latin American market. We can expect partnerships also from the Latin American market. All of these markets are involved in the study of alternative energy. When the cost of electricity becomes cheaper, people have the tendency to use more of it. And, it will be interesting to study this phenomenon from a social perspective, says the organizers of this interesting research center.



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