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Aruba finalises agreement on national sustainability strategy including RE

Aruban Prime Minister Michiel “Mike” Eman and the New America Foundation’s Patrick Doherty, director of the Smart Strategy Initiative, finalized a partnership agreement on Wednesday to pursue a national roadmap to sustainability, integrating renewable energy, smart growth, and new approaches to sustainable tourism for the island nation of 101,000 people.

“Aruba has great potential to be a leader among Island nations,” said Doherty, “as they make the transition to green, healthy and prosperous islander communities that can support a more diverse economy while re-branding Aruba as one of the leading destinations for sustainable tourism.”

Under the leadership of Eman, Aruba has already begun the transition, with wind turbines producing over 20 percent of the island’s power and confirmed plans to add turbines to produce a total of 40 percent of Aruba’s electricity; a major urban renewal project with the world’s longest linear park; the creation of a renewable energy institute with leading American and European universities and research organizations; and significant further carbon reductions planned in the energy and water sectors.

Wednesday’s agreement signals the next phase of that work, which will consult widely with stakeholders on the island to integrate development plans to achieve what Doherty terms “broad-spectrum sustainability” in the challenging context of this arid Caribbean island.


Source: Caribbean News Now

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