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Arthur Lok Jack: T&T Catching up on Renewable Energy

Chairman of the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, Arthur Lok Jack, left, speaks with president of the National Gas Company, Indar Maharaj and Catalina Herrara Roca, managing director, Citi, following the launch of a sustainable renewable energy incubator project on Wednesday. PHOTO: ABRAHAM DIAZ


While the rest of the world understands that a low carbon society and economy is important, T&T is playing catch up, Energy Architecture Performance Index. “Norway tops the ranking out of 124 countries in its 2014 Report. Other countries in the top ten include New Zealand, France, Sweden, Switzerland and Colombia. T&T placed 94th in the report.  “What lessons can we learn? A country’s success arises mainly form its natural endowment and its focus on developing renewable energy,” he said.


Lok Jack said the World Economic Forum is working with the new Energy Architecture Initiative to better understand changes in the global energy system. He said a key part of this work is the Global Energy Architecture Performance Index which evaluates countries in terms of what they are doing in energy. The University of the Webusinessman Arthur Lok Jack said on Wednesday. The Associated Brands Industries chairman, who spoke at the launch of a Sustainable and Renewable Energy Incubator Project at the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business in Mt Hope, said T&T needs to move quickly to develop the right renewable energy policies. “For too long we have spoken about this. For too long we have done nothing about this. The rest of the world has woken up that global warming is a fact,” he said. “The threat of climate change is real to small island states like ours and our Caribbean neighbours. Given the state of our economic development, countries like T&T are trying to find new and innovative ways to meet the demands of their energy system. “Renewable energy development is viewed as critical for promoting energy security and the sustainable development of our country and region.”


Lok Jack said T&T is not as energy efficient as its Caribbean neighbours: “Many times in the night in Trinidad, we see lights on and the air condition running, we need to change all that. We have got to cut out the waste. The problem is energy in T&T is too cheap. However other Caribbean countries are energy efficient. Their factories are run efficiently.” He said T&T placed 94th out of 124 countries in the World Economic Forum’s Global st Indies (UWI) and Arthur Lok Jack School of Business’s Renewable Resources Incubator is the first of its kind in the region and is designed to foster projects that will move away from oil and gas into sustainable and holistic sources of energy.


Lok Jack said although the new Incubator project should have been done many years ago, it is better late than never. “This has taken some time to come and it is our 25th anniversary of the graduate school. We had spoken about this and should have taken place before. At last we are starting this programme. This is a first for T&T. Sustainable business incubators however have been successful in places like Uganda, England, New York and  Chicago,” he said.



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