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APS In The Bahamas

Installation of Solar Water Heaters – Energy Conservation

Scope: APS Bahamas was contracted to install thermosiphon solar water heater units at a medical clinic in Spanish Wells, North Eleuthera as well as at private residence in Bahamia West, Nassau.

Installation of PV System in Charlotteville, The Bahamas – Reduction in Energy Bill

Scope: APS Bahamas was retained to install a grid-tied photovoltaic system with a battery back-up for residence in Charlotteville, Nassau. Work has progressed satisfactorily and system is about to be commissioned.

Key Outcome:

Reduced electricity bills as resident’s consumption will be partially supplied by renewable energy source.

Introduction of Innovative Renewable Energy Product – Energy Conservation &PR

Scope: APS Bahamas has assumed a leadership role by introducing innovative and more efficient renewable energy product such as LED lights to residents to test at their own properties/facilities.

Key Outcome:

Building an awareness in residents as it relates to emerging efficient and affordable renewable energy technology that can aid in the reduction of energy consumption.

The Balmoral – Energy Audit and Recommend Measures for Reducing Energy Bill

Scope: Perform a comprehensive energy audit of the colonial Great House in Nassau, Bahamas and develop a detailed plan for reducing its energy bill.

Key Outcome:

: Presented detailed audit findings and plan for reducing the property’s energy bill through specific conservation measures along with ROI analysis supporting the feasibility of strategic use of PV systems to reduce utility consumption while improving the nighttime appeal of its several acres with accent lighting.

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