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Alternative Energy will not replace base means of Electricity Production – BVIEC GM


Leroy Abraham, General Manager of the BVI Electricity Corporation 
 Photo Credit: Gordon French/BVI Platinum News
The BVI Electricity Corporation (BVIEC) is looking to diversify the way electricity is generated and believes that alternative energy will only serve to complement the existing production volume.  
Last Saturday, the BVIEC signed a multi-million dollar contract with Delta Petroleum to provide diesel fuel to the company for the next four years. 
Mr. Leroy Abraham, the corporation’s General manager was asked if the BVIEC plans to bring on stream alternative energy sources during the Delta contract period.

“Alternative energy or renewable energy will not replace what is the base means for what is the production of electricity. Renewable energy can only complement whatever is your base means of the production for electricity, recognizing that renewable energy depends on mother nature,” Mr. Abraham stated.  He explained that wind and solar all depends nature and are very site specific. Mr. Abraham noted there is a term known as ‘good wind and bad wind’ and a site could take several months of evaluation.


According to the BVIEC’s General Manager, alternative energy sources like wind and solar requires a very large surface area and particularly flat land, which is a scarce commodity in the BVI.  


“Flat land in the British Virgin Islands is very expensive and valuable resource to the Territory, so with limited flat land and competing interests, are you going to take 10 acres. It takes approximately five acres of flat land to produce 1 megawatt of power, which in BVIEC’s view is very insignificant in terms of volume of power that the Territory needs,” Mr. Abraham put forward.


The BVIEC requires between 28 and 30 megawatts to power the Territory. He maintained that the generation of power will never move totally to renewable.


“What we are looking to do is diversify the means in which we produce electricity so whatever portion that we can from renewables, we will take…We are trying to diversify our fuel source so the existing machines will continue utilizing diesel and going forward propane or LPG for the next set of plant equipment that will be installed,” Mr. Abraham explained.


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