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Alternative energy to save millions for Barbados

SENATOR Darcy Boyce, Minister of State (Finance, Telecommunications and Energy), spoke about the Sustainable Energy Framework Report at the workshop entitled, “Alternative Energy: Pathway to a Sustainable Future in Barbados” held at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre recently. This workshop was intended to expose locally-developed alternative energy initiatives and to assess how they can be employed in the efforts to reduce the country’s dependence on the use of fossil fuels. It also provided an opportunity for all the major players in the area of alternative energy to discuss and share ideas.

The main objective of the Sustainable Energy Framework Report “was to seek to unlock the viable investments in renewables and energy efficiency, reduce energy costs, improve energy security and enhance environmental sustainability,” Senator Boyce noted.

The Renewable Energy Programme will be developed to ensure that Barbados will no longer be totally vulnerable to the ever increasing price of oil and other fossil fuels, and the impact of this price will become more limited as the energy industry is developed.

The Renewable Energy Programme also gives Barbados the opportunity to develop a highly skilled industry.

“The alternative energy industry will require a host of skills and knowledge that are not common today and that leaves room for opportunity for a lot of innovation,” added Boyce.

This innovation can come from small businesses as well as young men and women in the schools around Barbados.

The Senator highlighted that investment in the alternative energy industry, “creates the opportunity for us to increase the GDP simply by the reduction of imports and introduces the creation of additional jobs and investments in a new area”.

Senator Boyce stated that the report indicates that in the next twenty years Barbados will save close to three hundred million US dollars in the economy if the country were to adopt the recommendations that were put forward in the report. This estimate is based on the average of one hundred dollars per barrel of oil.

It also suggests that through energy efficiency Barbados could reduce the demand for electricity by about 20 per cent and fossil fuel use by up to 29 per cent. In addition, carbon dioxide emissions could be reduced by approximately six hundred thousand tonnes per year, thus creating a cleaner, greener Barbados. (AN)

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