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Alternative energy legislation to be debated next month


Legislation which treats to the generation and disposition of alternative energy is ready and will be debated in the House of Parliament in the first week of November. 


The Minister of Finance, Christopher Sinckler, made this disclosure yesterday morning during his address at a National Dialogue on Productivity and Competitiveness, which took place at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre. He noted that the Bill would be debated along with the Electricity Light and Power Act, as well as energy incentives which were proposed during the August 13th Budget. Minister Sinckler said that this move was to take the country towards being able to have a “genuine alternative energy sector” and noted that such a sector was going to be absolutely critical – if not one of the most critical sectors needed – for the development of the country.


“We are mindful of the fact that the creation of a new economic sector is not something that happens overnight, it has to be carefully planned and properly executed,” Sinckler remarked, assuring that his government had not been “just speaking”, but “working assiduously” to ensure that the policy framework for an alternative energy sector was clearly written and was part of the policy matrix of Barbados.


Referencing the ongoing tête-à-tête between the Barbados Light and Power and advocacy bodies of alternative energy, he maintained that it was not in Government’s interest to destabilise what was stabilised, but to augment it and “ensure that traditional electricity and alternative generation of energy can co-exist side by side for the benefit, rather than to the detriment, of Barbados”. 



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