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About Us

The Caribbean Information Platform on Renewable Energy (CIPORE) was developed for the provision of information on renewable energy in the region, it will be integral to assist the local ministries responsible for energy build their capacity in this area.


CIPORE is a renewable energy web portal that will serve to:

  • Provide links to regional RE web pages at Ministries of Energy, utilities, universities, etc.;
  • Provide detailed information in the form of case studies on the planning process and execution of a number of successful RE projects in the region and the wider Caribbean;
  • Publish articles that demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of RE systems in the region and beyond;
  • Provide links to regional RE expertise in relevant areas who are capable of providing consultancy services and training;
  • Review the viability of renewable energy developments relevant to the region and adapt them to the local/regional conditions;
  • Share lessons learned from best practices.


The RE portal will provide a virtual storefront where all existing information on RE will be linked via the Internet to a single access point.


CIPORE Brochure- Download here

Download and share with everyone today!

Download and share with everyone today!


CIPORE  is the information and communication system for the exchange of Renewable Energy information for the Caribbean!






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