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A&B official mulls waste-to-energy project

St. John’s Antigua- Corthwright Marshall, newly elected chairman of the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s Committee on Sustainable Tourism, believes Antigua & Barbuda should seriously consider a waste-to-energy project similar to what is in the pipeline for St Kitts & Nevis.

“We are aware of the fact that the Cooks Landfill is almost up to capacity and instead of wasting valuable land resources for landfill purposes, it would be ideal if we can transform those wastes into energy. So that is a very important project that I’m looking at,” he said.

The first of its kind 7-megawatt waste-to-energy project in St Kitts is being done by United Kingdom-based Naanovo Energy Inc. The company has already invested $50 million in the project.

The company is also holding talks with St Lucia and Jamaica to set up similar initiatives to convert garbage into electricity and potable water.

Marshall said such a project would only be feasible here if the country produces an estimated 180 tonnes of garbage.

If this is not possible, he said, authorities should look into exporting the waste.

“The idea of importation of waste is always on the table but it is something that no one really wants to live with. But if we do not have the capacity in terms of the amount of waste that’s generated on a daily basis, if it is possible that we can enter into a strategic alliance with, for example, St Kitts who we were told would be getting into that type of project … (we may look) to export some of that waste to St Kitts for the development of renewable energy,” Marshall added.


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