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A Greener Antigua and Barbuda

Expert Benjamin Jargstof

Coal, oil, and natural gas are the most common resources used for energy today. However, these resources are non-renewable and are becoming increasingly more expensive.

More environmentally friendly sources of energy can be found in the form of renewable energy, which includes solar, wind, and water energy. The Government of Antigua and Barbuda has embarked on a renewable energy campaign and is currently seeking ways of harnessing wind energy.

Benjamin Jargstorf, an expert in Wind and Renewable Energy for small island states, on credit with the Caribbean Renewable Energy Development Project (CREDP), leads the team in charge of this ‘green’ expedition. A sixty (60) meter battery operated Met tower, in collaboration with APUA, was erected in Crabbs. “The tower’s purpose is to collect precise measurements and deliver signals of wind speeds,” explains Mr. Jargstorf.

Ms. Julianne Jarvis, the Sustainable Energy Officer for the Office of the Prime Minister, expressed the Prime Minister’s and the Government’s gratitude for the assistance provided by APUA and Digicel. Two more sites have been established in Antigua at the Digicel tower on McNish Mountain, and at the APUA PCS tower in Freetown. Wind measuring devices will also be installed at the Digicel tower located in Barbuda. Mr. Jargstorf pointed out that having four sites is valuable because comparative data can be collected simultaneously at each site, to be used in ‘Renewable Energy Technology’ research.

Ms. Jarvis went on to explain that using wind energy will be beneficial for the island. With dwindling oil supply and the exuberant cost of fuel, it is more prudent and economically responsible to utilize our natural resources. Mr. Jargstorf also added that wind energy use allows for better air quality and that ‘going green’ will be sure to attract environmentally friendly tourists.

Antigua and Barbuda’s Prime Minister, Dr. Hon. Baldwin Spencer attended the 51st meeting of the Organization of the Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) held in Basseterre St. Kitts and Nevis. Prime Minister Spencer was among heads of government from nine OECS member states. During the meeting, the heads signed a revised Treaty, which will further enhance the organization’s core value of regional unity.

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The Treaty, which heralds the dawning of new economic opportunities for the region, will officially establish the OECS Economic Union. The creation of a single financial and economic space will involve the removing of barriers to trade in goods, services, capital and labor between national markets.

In addition to signing the Treaty and celebrating the region’s progress in regional integration, the OECS Authority addressed pertinent issues faced by the region. Against the backdrop of the recent financial and economic crises, the OECS has placed greater emphasis on deepening the level of economic integration among Members States.


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