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2010 Throne Speech delivered to the Houses of Parliament by his Excellency Sir Carlyle Glean Snr.- Grenada

Mr. Deputy President, Mr. Speaker, Members of Parliament
On the occasion of the commencement of the Third Session of the eighth Parliament, my Government wishes to record that its journey to restore integrity; renew hope and build a brighter future for all Grenadians have begun to bear fruits.

Mr. Deputy President, Mr. Speaker, Members of Parliament, Grenadians at home and abroad have begun to feel proud when their country’s name is called in the international arena. We have restored the good name and image of our country. We have placed our country on a sound financial and economic footing. We have lifted the bar of our educational system and we are positioning the agricultural sector to become globally competitive, whilst at the same time ensuring food security for our nation.

My Government has invested significantly in our youths and is well on the way to ensuring that they are pivotal in the growth and development of our country. My Government continues to focus on primary health care and improvement to the health infrastructure. No sector has been left out in our thrust to provide for the elderly, the women, the farmers and fisher-folks, our cultural artists, our public officers, security personnel, teachers and the general populace.

Mr. Deputy President, Mr. Speaker, and Members of Parliament, notwithstanding these significant accomplishments the road ahead continues to be challenging as we contend with the deepest recession that our world has experienced within the last seventy five years. Grenada has not been immune to the effects of this recession which has been felt in our most productive sectors.

Indeed, during the last two years our resolve has been tested. However, like many times before we have once again demonstrated our resilience and determination as a people. With the grace and blessings of God, we continue our march towards our goal of a better Grenada for all.


Mr. Deputy President, Mr. Speaker

Access to adequate, affordable and reliable energy sources is a prerequisite for sustainable development.

As a priority, my Government has developed a National Energy Policy in full consultation with the major stakeholders. This policy sets out a clear path to transition Grenada to the use of renewable energy and to maximize energy efficiency.

We are currently drafting legislation to regulate the use of geothermal energy and are negotiating a resource agreement with GRENLEC. During the year 2011, it is anticipated that several exploratory wells will be drilled in the Mt. St. Catherine region to confirm the presence of usable geothermal energy.

In addition, we are seeking grant funding for a major wind energy project in Carriacou, with the potential to displace up to 70% of the current diesel used for electricity generation. We are also seeking grant funding for the installation of solar photovoltaic systems on the roofs of the homes of approximately 200 low-income households. This initiative will provide a clean alternative source of energy and reduce the monthly electricity bill for these households.

Mr. Deputy President, Mr. Speaker

Grenada is going green and we will soon be able to claim that virtually all of our electrical energy is derived from renewable sources. We are fulfilling our moral responsibility to reduce our Greenhouse Gas emissions even though they are miniscule on a global scale.

My Government continues to work hard to resolve existing legal issues surrounding our potential hydro carbon resources. Foreign interest in exploration remains high and we are determined to exploit these resources in an environmentally and socially conscious manner as expeditiously as possible.

(This speech was edited for the energy component of the delivery. For the full account see site below)


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